About Us

Jane Walker
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Jane Walker – Web designer

Walker Websites was founded in 2007 by Jane Walker. Her background is in computer programming and teaching IT to adults. She has also taught a number of social media workshops. Clients that she has worked with include trades, charities, photographers, coaches and the wellness sector.

You can connect with her on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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Benefits Of Working With Us

search engine optimisation

Search engine friendly

Websites need to be optimised to be visible by search engines. The best looking website will not be useful if potential clients can’t find you. It is important to secure a good position in the search engines for more business opportunities.

We design our websites to be visually appealing, easy for users to use and navigate on all devices, and optimised for search engines.

High Quality Web Design

Website design is important because it impacts how your audience perceives your brand.

The impression you make on them can either inspire your audience to take action or leave your page and turn to a competitor.

high quality web design

Mobile friendly

Mobile search traffic is growing every month. With a high percentage of visitors using mobile devices, it is important that your web design is compatible with the latest mobile technologies.

Website speed and security

Search engines favour fast loading web pages in their search results. They also give priority to websites with a secure https website security certificate.

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