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seo services

Get your website found online

Google is constantly working on updating their ranking algorithm to try and create the best possible user experience. They want to provide users with the most relevant results for a given keyword – if your page provides people with a comprehensive answer to what they are looking for Google will want to rank your page high up on the first page of their search results.

How we work

We ask questions to establish your business and website goals. Why are you doing this? Why do you want people to find your website? Is simply viewing your website enough? What actions do you want people to take: for example register, sign up, click on a product, buy a product?


These are words that people might type into a search engine to look for your website (eg web design London E4).

Competitor analysis

By analysing competitors we can look at strategies that work well for particular keywords and phrases.

On-page SEO

This refers to optimisations made to your website.  This can be changing the code, editing the content, or rearranging the website structure. We can check whether your webpages are working well such as the website structure, navigation menus, good use of title tags, page descriptions, keywords in headings, body text and image tags, and so on. We can check technical matters, for example whether you unknowingly have 2 versions of your website, whether your website uses valid code and whether you have a sitemap.

We can look at other things that can help, such as having a blog, having a good domain name, claiming and optimising your Google Business Profile listing, Google Analytics, link building, article submission, social media and more.

Link building

External websites that link to yours can greatly benefit your SEO. It is important to build the right links, that will benefit and not hinder your website’s position on Google.

We look forward to working in partnership with you to achieve your goals.