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SEO Free Tools for Google Rankings

Last updated on August 8th, 2022 at 03:42 pm


There are lots of SEO tools available to help with improving a website’s ranking position in search engine results.

SEO Tools

SEO, search engine optimisation, is the process of increase the quantity and quality of the traffic to your website. The free tools in this article are divided into headings for ease of use:

Check how many webpages are currently indexed by Google

As a starting point, use search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo to see what comes up when typing in keywords, brand names, and so on. Typing a company name into Google may bring up results that include the website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter account and so on. You can check which webpages Google and Yahoo currently index by entering ‘‘ into the search box. You should also make note of your competitors to see what they are doing well.

Keyword Research

Free keyword research tools

One way to identify keywords is to think about what people might type into Google when looking for your business.
For example, if someone is looking for a pizza place, they might type in “pizza near me,” “pizza delivery,” or “pizza Highams Park”

Using ‘Google Autocomplete’ for keyword research

Google autocomplete

Google Autocomplete suggests possible extensions of what users are currently typing to help them complete their query. These suggestions are dynamic. As a query is typed, the suggestions change as Google tries to predict what a user means to type.

Google’s Autocomplete predictions are based on actual users’ popular searching patterns.

Go to Google and start searching with keywords related to your business.

What you see in the search results are terms people are searching for.

Google will autofill your search bar with the information they predict is relevant to your query. Pay attention to any relevant suggestions.

Take a look at everything that shows up in Autocomplete. This data can be useful when trying to find content ideas that will attract your customers.

Google’s ‘People Also Asked’ section

For more keyword ideas, scroll to the ‘People Also Asked’ section to see popular questions that people are asking that are related to your topic.

Google people also asked

Google’s ‘Related Searches’ section

Google related searches

Another place to look for more keywords suggestions about a specific topic is the ‘Related search terms’ section that appears when you search for a keyword in Google.

Type in a phrase and scroll to the bottom of Google’s results to find some suggestions for searches related to your search. These keywords may generate ideas for other keywords you may want to consider.



You can use AnswerThePublic to find out what questions people ask about topics related to your business.

Start a search with your primary keyword and see what questions the tool generates.

Choose the topics that you think will be the best fit for your ideal customer.

Answerthepublic is useful for turning the most frequently asked questions into valuable keywords to implement in your SEO strategy.


Ubersuggest is a free keyword tool that can help you generate more suggestions.



SEOscout‘s ‘Scout Suggest’ keyword research tool is just one of SEOscout’s free tools available to help analyse your content and improve keyword performance.


MOZ Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer tool, a free keyword research tool, can be used to discover, prioritise, and build lists of high-quality keywords.

Once you have signed up for an account, a free account allow you 10 queries per month, and access to all the data they have for the keyword.

Moz Keyword Explorer provides useful information for competitor analysis, search volume and keyword difficulty.

moz keyword tool

Ahrefs Keyword Generator tool

Ahrefs’ free keyword generator tool doesn’t require you to sign up and allows unlimited searches. It can be used to generate 100 keywords ideas and 50 questions from a keyword topic.

Enter up to ten words or phrases and choose from one of six keyword ideas reports.

Advanced SEO metrics such as local and global monthly search volume estimates are displayed. Use these metrics to help choose the best keywords to target. Keyword ideas can be exported.

Ahrefs keyword generator

Google Keywords Planner

Google Ads Keyword Planner is a free tool, you just need a Google Ads account.

With Google Keyword Planner, you can discover new keywords by searching for words or phrases that relate to your products or services. You can use it to find relevant keywords and create an effective advertising plan. 

Google Keyword Planner is optimised for paid search ads. It shows you a keyword forecast that includes conversions, clicks, or impressions that you’re likely to get based on how much money you spend.

Tutorials on how to use this tool are widely available on YouTube.

Internet Marketing Ninja’s Suggestion Keyword Finder Tool

Enter a keyword or keyword phrase into Internet Marketing Ninja’s Suggestion Keyword Finder Tool search box to get a list of related keywords. 

To perform your keyword research on a deeper level, click the “level 2” button.  This will provide you a list of those keywords related to your original list. 

Click “level 3” to continue even further.  When you have the report you want, download the data by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

You can use this information to discover new keyword opportunities and create targeted content around these new opportunities

When deciding what type of content to create, think about your ideal customer. Are they going to be helped the most with a video, a checklist or a blog post with lots of images? What will provide the most value to them?

Mobile friendly

It is becoming more and more important to have a website that is easy to navigate and use on a mobile device. If your website is not mobile friendly it will most likely not be displayed in mobile search results. Google’s mobile-friendly testing tool lets you check whether Google considers your website to be website friendly.

Website Audit

Hubspot website grader
  • Hubspot’s website grader tool checks the current marketing grade of a website and shows information on how to improve website score.
  • With SEObility’s free SEO checker you can get a quick overview of your website optimisation and analyse any web page to find technical errors and ‘on-page’ SEO issues that might be holding your site back from top search engine rankings.
  • Dareboost allows you to test, analyse and optimise your website performance and get a free analysis report containing dozens of optimisation tips, providing an insightful audit of your website’s quality for better performance.
  • Woorank is a handy website analyser that provides useful insights that can help you improve your site’s SEO.

Google Free Tools

Google Search Console

Read more about how to use Google Search Console to improve SEO.

Google Trends

Google Trends


is a free tool that shows how often a keyword or phrase is searched for online. 

It can be used to track and spot trends such as the popularity of a a keyword, topic, company, product, or service over time, or to compare the relative popularity of two different topics.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts allows you to monitor important activities going on in a certain marketplace or niche.

Google Business Profile

Claiming and optimising your Google Business Profile is one of the best things you can do to help your company rank higher in Google search results.

You can now manage your Google Business Profile directly from Google search.

First, sign in to the Google Account you use to manage your Business Profile.

Next, go to Google and search for your exact business name (you may need to add your location), or you can also search for “my business.”

You can click on:
‘Edit profile’ – to update your business information
‘Promote’ – to see insights, add photos, get a quick link to ask customers for reviews, create posts and more.
‘Customers’ – see and respond to reviews, see info about calls, view and reply to messages/chat and answer Q&A questions people ask.

Read more about optimising your Google Business Profile listing.

Local SEO

  • Moz’s Local Business Checker is a free online presence tool to see how accurate your business listing appears across the web so that you can confirm that your company’s details appear correctly on various directories.
  • BrightLocal gives you the tools to rank higher, improve your reputation, and generate more traffic and leads from local search. You can try it free for 14 days.

Google Analytics

google analytics

Google Analytics is useful for checking website information. For example, it can check crawl errors, which pages are viewed most, landing/exit pages, keywords, html suggestions (eg duplicate titles). It can be used to see which are the most popular pages, where users are located and the devices they use.

This article lists some of the other things that you can measure using Google Analytics.

Website Speed

Google uses your website’s loading speed as a ranking factor.

  • GTMetrix is a free tool that gives insights into how to speed up your website.
  • Google’s free tool PageSpeed Insights gives you an idea of mobile and desktop website speed and provides suggestions for speeding up your website.



A sitemap is a file where you can list the web pages of your site to tell Google and other search engines about the organisation of your site content. Free online sitemap generators are available which can create an XML sitemap to submit to search engines to help them when they crawl a website.


Backlinks are important for SEO. Search engines such as Google favour websites that have a good number of quality backlinks. They consider those websites more relevant than others in their search results pages.

You can check backlinks, competitors’ backlinks, find broken links to your site and more using Moz Link Explorer.

Hopefully you will find these free SEO tools useful.

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